Self-Care Series: Nourish the Soul

**Welcome to the self-care series!  This series will discuss self-care practices that have brought me joy and healing.  This series will highlight self-care practitioners that brighten my journey and help me nurture my whole self.  If you plan to try or start any of these practices, please consult with your physical and mental health providers!  Thanks for reading!**

Bright crisp textures, soft, flavorful, comforting bursts of flavor, healing herbs and spices, a sweet reminder or mantra, the body filled  with clean and natural ingredients grown with love, meals prepared with compassion, and nourishment delivered with joy.  This is the ultimate nutritional self-care. This is Nettle+Honey.  

My journey with nutritional self-care has involved quite a bit of self-discovery.  I have never been one to take much interest in dieting or strict nutritional monitoring.  I was raised eating meals that had variety, a ton of creativity, and color.  As I grew into adulthood and learning to be a medical provider, I became exposed more to the nutritional ins and outs of a meal.  I began to learn of diets and techniques and developed a deeper understanding of the “science” behind it all.  

Overtime, I realized that the eating practice that worked best for my self-care was eating food that tastes good, is colorful, is clean, and is made in a sustainable and cruelty free way.  These are my musts.  When my meals meet the above guidelines, that is when my mind, body, and soul experience nourishing joy.  I would occasionally get caught up in a diet or a regimen but those felt too routine and rigorous.  I would always just come back to my must haves-yummy, colorful, clean, sustainable, and cruelty free.  Food, to me, became art.  Making it, looking at it, and tasting it is like viewing an artistic masterpiece, reading a prize winning poem, or hearing a symphonic composition.

My first Nettle+Honey Underground Supper Club meal

As I learned to grow with this perception of food, I learned how much food could heal.  Herbs, spices, fruits, veggies, grains, etc each offer countless benefits beyond their basic nutritional values.   I began to use food to help me in healing and maintaining my own health.  Immunity, inflammation response, mood, sleep, skin health, mental health, heart health, lung health, reproductive health, digestive health, joint/bone health, and countless other areas are affected by what we take into our bodies.  Mother earth shares her bounty with us and we grow with her strength and joy.  

Nettle+Honey is the ultimate resource in learning how nutrition can heal and maintain the mind, body, and soul, using the gifts earth brings us.  My sweet friend, Victoria Weber(Tori), is the owner of Nettle+Honey.  She offers several services for moms in the prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum chapters of their lives.  She offers grounded support for mothers through her warmth, yoga, as a doula, and nutritionally through her knowledge, delicious meals, snacks, teas, and so much more.  Her knowledge of what the earth gives to us, how our bodies benefit from the earth’s treasures, and ways to give back to the earth that nourished us, is a beautiful gift.  I am so grateful she shares this gift with all of us.

When Tori and her husband joined forces last year to create the Underground Supper Club, my nutritional self-care needs were complete.  The Underground Supper Club is a nurturing food service for anyone from baby to grandparents and everyone in between.  Every week, a fresh new menu is sent out along with a beautiful description on where the ingredients are coming from and how they can heal the body.  Treating myself to their meals is not only rejuvenating for my body but comforting for my mental health. Each of their customers feels like they made, packed, and delivered  each dish just with them in mind.

Each meal is three courses made purposefully to align with the season, the world, the earth, and what each deserving Underground Supper Club consumer is needing.  The menu comes alongside nutritional drink offerings, breakfast items, snacks, teas, and other meals (including my personal favorite-enchiladas), and almost always a mantra or self-care reminder included with the delivery.  The Underground Supper Club meals change weekly while many of the extras are available every week.  The meals are available to pick up or delivered right to your door (for KC area residents-both sides of the state line) and many Nettle+Honey items are available to ship (for non-KC friends).  Holidays also bring joyous side and dessert options made with love to order from Nettle+Honey.  

“The more you NURTURE yourself the more you can NURTURE others.”  This was the message attached to my very first Underground Supper Club order.  A beautiful message made possible through the joy of the nurturing offerings Nettle+Honey brings.  Nettle+Honey teaches us that what we bring in our body is more than just an ingredient or a daily task.  They allow what we consume to become an artistic joy to be appreciated and celebrated.  Most importantly, they empower their customers to recognize their own worth and the healing beauty of self-care. 

Self-care reminders from Nettle+Honey

With Nettle+Honey, the body is nourished.  The mind is balanced.  The soul is rejoiced.  

May you find a nutritional self-care practice that works for YOU and your body.  Always consult with your health team to find a practice that is healthy for you.

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