Self-Care Series: Finding hOMe

**Welcome to the self-care series!  This series will discuss self-care practices that have brought me joy and healing.  This series will highlight self-care practitioners that brighten my journey and help me nurture my whole self.  If you plan to try or start any of these practices, please consult with your physical and mental health providers!  Thanks for reading!**

Dim warm light. Subtle lavender aroma. Nurturing quiet. Gentle music. Deep, dark, supportive floor. Grounded feet. Comforted souls. Women emotionally embraced. Love radiating. Joy dancing. Hearts open. Safety. Security. Connection. Acceptance. Peace.  This is hOMe.  

This is where my self-care journey began.  After learning of the world of holistic practices during my nursing education, I was inspired to find this type of practice for my own personal healing.  At the time, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder were writing a debilitating story within my life.  I needed self-care and I reached a moment of acceptance that I needed to finally give myself some love and joy.  Remembering a pleasurable college yoga class, I decided to try yoga again in hopes of finding a calm group practice.  Little did I know, the journey back onto my mat would be a most beautiful life changing journey.

Yoga is a holistic practice uniting the mind, body, and spirit.  Yoga can be practiced in the form of poses, breath, meditation, ritual, service, and devotion.  Within those branches of yoga are different types of yoga practices including power yoga, prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, or Yoga Nidra to name a few.  Yoga is a practice and each practice is individual to the practitioner.  The mat is your mat and your time there is all yours.  

Yoga has many benefits to the mind, body, and spirit making it a beautiful self-care practice.  When the body is in need, nurturing the mind can bring therapeutic healing.  When the mind is in need, nurturing the body can bring balancing calm.  When the spirit is in need, nurturing the whole self can bring unification.  Yoga brings all these pieces together to promote health and wellness within the practitioner.  Some specific benefits to yoga practice include memory enhancement, stress relief, boosted immunity, sense of connection, positive self-image, anxiety/OCD relief, increased self control, improved balance, aid in infertility, relief in menstruation and menopause symptoms, decreased blood pressure, pain relief/increased pain tolerance, enhanced mood, improved sleep, as well as aid in trauma and grief (**with trained professionals**).  When our minds and bodies are disconnected and our nervous system is in overdrive, yoga practice sets our relaxation responses in motion to bring our nervous system back in balance as well as bring oxygen to our bodies and unification to our spirit.  

My nervous system was in anxiety overdrive when I searched for somewhere nearby that could be a place to connect with others through yoga to help heal the anxiety I experience(d).  That’s when I found hOMe.  hOMe Holistic to be exact.  The self-care I needed at that time was time, for me, on my yoga mat and hOMe holistic had a cozy spot waiting just for me.  

hOMe Holistic is a wellness center for women, by the most beautiful nurturing women, in the KC and surrounding area.  A place for all women, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and friends.  It is a place to share, anything you need to share.  A place to cry when you need to cry.  A place to dance in joy when you need to dance in joy.  A place to nurture a family.  A place to get away.  A place to connect with other women.  A place to lift up a friend or be held when you can no longer hold.  A place to sleep.  A place to dream.  A place to wake.  A place to stretch, to move, to release.  A place to be quiet.  A place to laugh.  A place to h e a l.  A place to breathe.  A place to care for you.  

And of course a place to do yoga.  But here, yoga is what yoga is truly meant to be.  Yoga is connection, it is healing, it is holistic.  My first class at hOMe holistic, I knew I was home.  The mat became my sanctuary.  I practiced with women that I had never met, yet I felt like I was with lifelong friends.  It was self-care at its absolute finest and I never turned back.  

Yoga is a powerful self-care practice found at hOMe Holistic and I hope you will find your hOMe there as well.  They also offer the whole self-care package with practitioners for the whole family ranging from acupuncture, massage, counseling, reiki healing, pediatric services, midwife/gynecologic service, a full doula team, postpartum doula, nutritious meal services (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post!), physical therapy, and a lactation specialist.  They offer yoga classes every. single. day.  They have offered workshops in all areas of self-care including yoga, ayurveda, pregnancy, parent support, music therapy, lactation support, yoga for grief, yoga for anxiety, and countless others.  They are currently offering all classes online and they offer an online subscription service with yoga, meditation, and the most nurturing support you will ever find!

A big thank you to Ashley, Tori, Jessica, Renee, Mindy, Claire, Sami, and all of the women I have met and gotten to know through classes at hOMe.  You truly are my hOMe away from home and I love you dearly.

May you find hOMe on your mat and may it be the most beautiful space all for you.  

To learn more about hOMe Holistic, please visit:

*Photos provided by Ashley Walburn

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