Self-Care Series: Breathe

**Welcome to the self-care series!  This series will discuss self-care practices that have brought me joy and healing.  This series will highlight self-care practitioners that brighten my journey and help me nurture my whole self.  If you plan to try or start any of these practices, please consult with your physical and mental health providers!  Thanks for reading!**

Joy.  Arms wide open.  Glowing smile.  Diving into calm water.  Draping silk.  Release.  Clarity.  Freedom.  Balance.  Confident shoulders.  Strength radiating.  Complete grounded support.  This is all I have experienced from the breath.  This is breathwork with Sarah.  

“Do you know you hold your breath?”  I have been asked this question multiple times.  In my day to day, I often find (through outside reminders or my own mindfulness), that I hold my breath.  I think holding my breath is a companion to the anxiety I experience or an over-concentration I put on nearly all of my daily tasks.  Taking a deep breath is something I have to think about and focus on; it definitely does not come to me naturally.

Another common breathing pattern, for many, is to breath high in the chest a short rapid inhale and exhale.  This is often the pattern of an anxious or panicked breath.  A good way to notice how you are breathing is to place one hand on the chest and another on the abdomen.  Mindfully notice how the hands are moving in flow with the breath (if they are moving).  This can allow awareness of where the breath is coming from and where it is maintained.  This can then allow the observer to deepen and direct the breath to fill the belly and empty with intention.

The breath is a powerful thing.  Of course we need to breathe to live through the oxygenation of the inhale and release of carbon dioxide on the exhale.  However, a shallow, short, or held breath will not make for a high quality of physical, mental, or spiritual experience.  Through a healthy breath, the body receives nourishment, the mind receives clarity, and the spirit receives balance.  The breath can settle a nervous stomach, slow a panic attack, calm a tired mind, empower a depressed heart, and energize a weary body.  The breath is life.  

As I began to study meditation and yoga, I discovered the power and tangibly began to feel the beauty the breath can bring.  The breath is something that drives us.  It is something that is within us always there to reach out and dance with whenever we need a partner.  The breath is a flowing soul of nourishment constantly being received and given in a rhythmic life force movement.  When we take time to sit with it, feel it, use it, hold it, and be held by it, it is amazing what can happen.

This is how I met Sarah Savino.  Sarah is a gorgeous soul, blessing the community of Leadville, Colorado.  During the pandemic, I was searching for a deeper practice with my own breathing.  I had led others and learned about breathwork before, but had never given myself that gift of breathwork to myself.  Through virtual connection, I began once a month breathwork with Sarah.  

Connecting with my own breath has been personally powerful and healing.  Sarah walks with me through each session, empowering me to bring an intention to mind, stepping with me as I release the silk robe of life stressors that bind me in day to day, inspiring me to open my arms and let go, and validating that it is ok for me to just be, just play, just fully enjoy my world.  Breathwork is my time for me.  It is a time to breathe and fully release.  

I have experienced so much personal healing and growth through my sessions with Sarah.  In times of anxiety or stress in between sessions, I can mentally revisit my breathwork sessions for support.  I revisit the journal we work on to remind myself of all the work I am doing for myself through the guidance of Sarah.  I hold my head higher and let my shoulders relax deeper in my every day.  Sarah is a breath of fresh air.  She allows all she works with to breathe in the fresh air around them to rejuvenate, balance, and spiritually dance in joy.  

When we nourish our mind, body, and soul through the breath, we are providing ourselves self-love and joy like no other.  May you find a moment in each day to breathe full beautiful breath.  

Sarah Savino-Roberts, MSW, Mindset Coach

Integrative Om RYT 200 and Trauma Certified Yoga Teacher + Health and Wellness Coach has been practicing yoga for 17 years.  She came to yoga at first in gyms and local community based practices searching for a balance and community.  She soon found that yoga is much more than a physical practice and that it brings balance, peace, and healing to one’s life.  Sarah is also a trained MSW social worker and therapist and became a yoga teacher to bring more healing modalities to the lives of her clients and community.  Sarah believes yoga is for everyone and the lessons we learn on our mats can be carried with us into our daily lives shaping healthier, happier, stronger communities. 

In addition Sarah devoted her life to holistic health in 2008 and dabbled with many different healing modalities.  Sarah found her love for nutrition and cooking as a means to help herself and others heal from the inside out.  Sarah believes nutrition should be tailored to the individual and is not about deprivation and dieting but simply providing the proper fuel that the body needs for optimal health. In becoming a yoga teacher she was able to combine this love with the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda, to help herself and others tailor their nutrition to their doshas.  Sarah is also a level 2 certified reiki practitioner and breathwork facilitator.

To find out more about Sarah and how you can work with her, please visit:

Love and Light Always


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