Finding Your Happy Place

“I need to go to my happy place.”  This is a phrase many people lightheartedly, or even jokingly, say when they wish to escape the stressors of life.  It is said in sometimes a silly way letting others know you are at your limit in where you are and what you are doing. It often seems that this phrase is a wish, a “what-if,” or a “wouldn’t that be nice” that is out of our tangible reach.  What visualization meditation practice can bring is a way to actually visit your happy place whenever you need.   

One thing that meditation does is brings our mind, heart, and body to the here and now.  When we practice, we are practicing noticing and accepting our experience as it is in the moment. We are learning about ourselves and how we react or feel and applying that practice to our everyday life.  It is a practice of redirecting our mind to our present, not letting past judgments or future worries guide our current experiences.

When we go to our happy place we are using visualization in our meditation practice.  The visualization is not to take us to a past vacation or a future trip, it is about visualizing that we are in that place in the here and now, experiencing it how it is.  We allow our mind and our inner wisdom to take us to a place of happiness and safety.  We then can use all of our senses to fully experience that place of serenity. 

When I go to my happy place, I find I can truly just be.  I can not only just be where I physically sit, but I can just be in a place that brings me joy.  My happy place is deep in nature where spirit and earth are one.  This does not have to be the case for you.  Your happy place, is all yours, fully accessible whenever you want to visit.  It may be somewhere you have been, somewhere you hope to go, or somewhere you have never been.  It might be a real place or it might be imagined.  It might be a room or spot inside a structure or it may be a wide open place of nature.  It is always open and always safe for you to be in. 

When you visit your happy place, there are a few guidelines.  This place is just for you.  You can visit and leave whenever you need.  This place must always be safe.  If it does not feel safe, kindly exit and allow another place to appear before you.  Your happy place has no “to-do” lists.  It is not anywhere you have to work for to maintain.  Your happy place does not require a ticket for admission or a cost.  Your happy place is all yours.  May your happy place bring you joy and safety and a place to just be. 

Are you ready to go?   May you give yourself permission to visit your happy place.  It is such a beautiful place to be.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Invite your body and mind to relax.  If only for this time right here…right now.

Deepen your breath.  Fill your belly with cleansing air.  The air around your happy place is fresh and clear, begin to breathe it in.  Exhale releasing any to-do’s, worries, tension, thoughts. 

Allow your safe happy place to appear before you now.  Do not force it in your mind, just allow the image to appear.  If you struggle to find one, just notice that.  Maybe visualize a place you have found comfort in in that past and listen to your mind and body to know if this is your happy place.  If not, keep wandering with ease and openness to find your happy place.  Don’t force or struggle this process; it is there, you will find it. 

**Remember, if this place does not feel safe it is ok to leave and allow a safe place to come to you.  If this meditation does not feel safe, leave your eyes open and just notice your breath; let this be a happy place for you.  Imagery may not be for everyone.  If it is not for you, it is ok to just breathe and find calm there with your breath. **

When you are ready, step inside.  Just notice.  Fill your heart with gratitude that you are here. 

Experience your happy place through all of your senses.  Just noticing. 

What do you see in your happy place?  Notice texture, color, objects, light, shadows, and surroundings.  Just notice.  Just experience. 

What do you hear in your happy place?  Is there sound?  Are there sounds of nature?  Sounds of objects?  Just notice.  Just experience. 

What do you feel in your happy place?  What is the temperature?  What is the season?  How do you feel emotionally when here?  What are the textures?  Just notice.  Just experience.

What do you smell in your happy place?  Morning dew?  Fresh baked bread?  Clean air?  Is there a smell?  Just notice.  Just experience.

What do you taste in your happy place?  Raindrops?  Cookies?  Tropical smoothies?  Just notice.  Just experience.

Spend all the time you need here.  Redirect wandering thoughts back to your senses in your happy place.  This place is all yours whenever you need. 

When you are ready, deepen your breath.  Step out of your happy place knowing that it will be there waiting for you, just as it is, when you come back.  Begin to wiggle fingers and toes.  Stretch your body.  Breathe deeper.  Release and notice how your mind and body feel. 

Finish this practice again with gratitude of your happy place. 

You can formally practice this meditation whenever you would like.  With practice, you will be able to step into your happy place during your day to day, if even for just a few moments at a time. 

May this practice bring a beautiful place for you to visit in your here and now. 

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